GATE 2016 Topper Interview – In Conversation with Prateesh Mathur

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GATE 2016 Topper Interview - In conversation with Prateesh Mathur ( 1st year M.Tech- IIT BHU):

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Team Gurukul India brings the GATE 2016 Topper Interview for all the GATE 2017 aspirants. In this interview Prateesh Mathur - 1st year M.Tech at IIT BHU speaks to Team Gurukul India about his journey of cracking GATE along with some valuable advice to  GATE 2017 aspirants.

So here is the GATE 2016 Topper Interview:

Gurukul India: Tell us something about yourself; where have you done your engineering from and in which branch?

Prateesh Mathur: I have done engineering from KITE , JAIPUR in civil engineering. I am pursuing M Tech in structural Engineering from IIT BHU, Varanasi.

Gurukul India: What was the reason you appeared for GATE 2016? PSU or further studies? Please elaborate your reasons.

Prateesh Mathur: Reason is very simple these exams throw forward a great opportunity both for job and further studies. These are the gateways for a respectable life and full of knowledge.

Gurukul India: When did you plan to prepare for GATE exam and why?

Prateesh Mathur: During 3rd year I decided to start preparation for GATE for joining masters program.

Gurukul India: Is it necessary to join a coaching institute or is self-study enough?

Prateesh Mathur: Well you need proper guidance before you start preparing as you have to focus on some specific portion rather than the whole course we study in bachelors. So if you have a good command on subjects then you need to press only on that area and self-study will work.

Gurukul India: The virtual calculator was the new feature introduced, How was your experience with it? Do you think it is necessary that students should practice with it to get acquainted with its working as most of the engineering students are used to the good old calculator?

Prateesh Mathur: I didn't find any problem with the virtual calculator but yes you need to practice a lot.

Gurukul India: Can you share any preparation strategies with our readers? How to schedule study time and make timetables?

Prateesh Mathur: Strategy is straight to keep on revising the theory and do practice as many questions as you can.

Gurukul India: How should one schedule answering the GATE exam – which section to attempt first and which later?

Prateesh Mathur: Well I will talk about mine. I started with the technical section and 1 Mark questions. After answering some 50-60% questions I switched to the 2 marks questions and after completing them I answered the rest of the tech questions and then aptitude.

Gurukul India: Name some important Topics that you feel are a must read for any student attempting GATE exam?

Prateesh Mathur: Maths , aptitude , geotechnical engineering, environment, open channels, RCC and SOM are most important. They will fetch you 50-60% marks.

Gurukul India: How important do you feel mock tests are and why? Is it true that if one solves the previous year question papers, there is a good chance of cracking the exam successfully?

Prateesh Mathur: Mock tests are very important and take them seriously as they give you real time experience and also shows your standing. However if you get a low scores then you need not get demoralized as gate marks will be around 10-15 marks more then what you get in mock tests. Yes of course practicing previous year questions make your chances better.

Gurukul India: Any advice for the future aspirants of GATE?

Prateesh Mathur: Just work hard and do not get demoralized at any point. Whatever is your preparation just go and give your best in the examination.

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