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Gurukul Darshan IIT Delhi:

In this story of Gurukul Darshan we bring you the story of one of the top IITs- IIT Delhi. In this story Vipul Gupta- a 3rd year B.Tech Student studying Mathematics and Computing at IIT Delhi takes us through the journey along with Shubham Saxena of Gurukul India.

Gurukul Darshan IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi is one of the finest Engineering Colleges of India. It is always among the top choices of every IIT aspirant in the country.

The History of the institute dates back to the British Rule, here is the history:

The Government of India negotiated with the British Government for collaboration in setting up an Institute of Technology at Delhi also known as IIT Delhi. The British Government agreed in principle to such a collaboration , but were inclined initially to start in a modest way. It was therefore agreed that a College of Engineering & Technology should be established at Delhi with their assistance. A trust called the Delhi Engineering College Trust was established with the help of the UK Government and the Federation of British Industries in London. Later H.R.H. Prince Philips, Duke of Edinburgh, during his visit to India, laid the foundation stone of the College at Hauz Khas on January 28,1959.  One may find more info on


Vipul is currently a 3rd year B.Tech Student at IIT Delhi studying Mathematics and Computing. He takes us through the journey of Gurukul Darshan IIT Delhi.

So here is Gurukul Darshan IIT Delhi:

Shubham: What is a regular day like in the life of IIT-Delhi student?

Vipul: Regular day life is simple and enjoying just like any other college student but at the same time it teaches you many things because you are among people with best minds of the nation. It provides you many opportunities to develop your personality and to interact with more and more people.


Shubham: How is the environment within the campus? Is it happening or challenging?

Vipul: Environment inside the campus is happening and at the same time challenging as well. There are various activities happening inside the campus everyday which helps in overall personality development. We get to learn a lot from our colleagues of the hostel. Every person here has some specialty in him. But every area has a huge competition as many students are there to compete for each post so we have to be on our best.


Shubham: IIT-Delhi has given wonderful intellectuals and entrepreneurs such as Raghuram Rajan, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal and many more. So, tell us how important are they to an IIT-Delhi student?

Vipul: These personalities provide inspiration to many students and encourage pursuing their career in the field of their interest and not just jobbing sector.


Shubham: What all plethora of opportunities and recreational activities does IIT-Delhi offers to a student besides the academic curriculum?

Vipul: There are various cultural clubs and technical clubs which provide huge opportunities to an individual to pursue his interest apart from studies. There are 9 clubs under the Boards for Recreational and Cultural Activities (BRCA) which involves every kind of activity under it. Every student can be a part of any club of his interest.


Shubham: Tell us about the various events or fests of IIT-Delhi! Which is your favorite?

Vipul: The Biggest Cultural Fest of North India, Rendezvous is held in the month of October. The technical fest, Tryst is held in March and there are other fests like Speranza, Literati held throughout the year. My personal favorite is Rendezvous.


Shubham: What sort of advantages does Delhi as a city have? Given that it is the capital of India and also an education hub.

Vipul: The city life is awesome. There is no time restriction to enter and leave the campus so we can hangout with friends in many parts of this wonderful city and it gives a huge exposure and helps in personality development.

Shubham: One word or so:

  1. School life or college life- college life

  2. Best hangout place in campus- Wind T

  3. One thing you are crazy about the college- Night life.

  4. One word for hostel life- Unmatchable

  5. Teachers- No Comments


This ends the Gurukul Darshan IIT Delhi. If you have any suggestions or want us to cover your college please mention the same in comments.

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