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Gurukul Darshan IIT Kharagpur: Gurukul Darshan is a series of stories which Gurukul India does to showcase the campus stories of various Colleges of India. In the first story of Gurukul Darshan of our Engineering Portal we start with the campus story of the oldest IIT of India - IIT Kharagpur.

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In the first story of Gurukul Darshan in the Engineering portal of Gurukul India- Saransh Sharma - Final Year B.Tech student at IIT Kharagpur is interviewed by Shubham Saxena of Gurukul India.

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IIT Kharagpur: The first Indian Institute of Technology was born in May 1950 in Hijli, Kharagpur, in the eastern part of India. Initially the IIT started functioning from 5, Esplanade East, Calcutta and very soon shifted to Hijli in Sept. 1950. The present name 'Indian Institute of Technology' was adopted before the formal inauguration of the Institute on August 18, 1951, by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. IIT Kharagpur started its journey in the old Hijli Detention Camp where some of our great freedom fighters toiled and sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country.

                                                                                       Gurukul Darshan IIT Kharagpur

So without wasting any time lets begin the Gurukul Darshan.

Gurukul Darshan IIT Kharagpur:

Shubham: IIT-Kharagpur popularly known as IIT-KGP is an outcome of Nehruji’s dream, the oldest IIT. So, how do find yourself as an IIT- KGP student?

Saransh: Well, that puts me in a very pampered and advantageous position when I have this ‘IIT-KGP student’ thing with me. It feels great to be a part of this oldest premier institute of technology. The sort of people you find here, the atmosphere, the labs and the flexibility of working on various projects and everything else; it’s simply insurmountable pleasure to be here.

Shubham: How do you find the campus (2200 acres) as a happening place, in the popular sense of term?

Saransh: Its abuzz with activities round the semester. There are so many academic workshops, seminars, events, sports stuff and a lot other things in almost every avenue. This place never sleeps probably.

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swimming pool

Shubham: What all plethora of opportunities and recreational activities does IIT-KGP offers to a student? (Tell us about the various clubs and societies)

Saransh: There are many recreational societies which are devoted to particular causes like creative writing (which I am a part of), debate, elocution, music, painting, dance, dramatics, sports, athletics etc. Even each department has a standalone society devoted to the hobbies of students in that department.

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Shubham: IIT-KGP has given great minds such as Arvind Kejriwal, Sundar Pichai and many more who have brought laurels not only to the college but the nation too! So, tell us about how does having such notable alumni affect life at college?

Saransh: Well it attracts a lot of limelight and media attention to the place. IIT-Kgp is always the talk-show of the town. On a positive note, this sort of exposure is necessary to get the institute’s international reputation high. Also, there are so many of these national and international faculties and celebrities who keep coming over to deliver lectures and to interact with students here just because this place has been home to such great global figures.


Shubham: Tell us about the various events of IIT- Kharagpur. Which one is your favorite event in the calendar?

Saransh: That’s hard to answer as there are a plethora of them. But to be honest, Kgp is very famous for its Techno Management Fest – Kshitij which is largest of its kind in Asia. That is quite a humungous gathering of people, sponsors, organizations and celebrities from all over the world. The cultural fest – Spring Fest is also an Elysian time of the year where a variety of cultural events are organized for students.

spring Fest

Shubham: Hostel Life plays an important part in college life. Tell us about various fun elements of hostel life.

Saransh: There are a lot of hostel activities like Hardware Modelling, Product Designing, Advertisement Designing, Athletics, Dramatics, Musical events, Cultural events, Debates and Elocution to name a few. They are meant for inter-hostel interactions and foster a joyous environment among all the hostels through group play, group participation and group victory.


Shubham: Now Let’s do a Rapid Fire.

  1. Facilities on campus : Lots and lots. Campus Market, Hospital, Cinema Hall, Swimming pool, Race track, playgrounds for all sports, Open air theater, Auditoriums, Seminar halls, etc.

  2. Best hangout place in the campus: CCD

  3. Something you’d want to change: Rules against wasting food

  4. Faculties: almost 500

  5. College life or school life : Both

  6. One thing which will miss in IIT-KGP: Random rains and Narial pani

Shubham: Since you are in the final year of your college life. So, how will you sum-up your experience in IIT-KGP!

Saransh: It was a roller coaster ride for me. I have had good days and bad days, both here. But what this place has taught me is to learn from my bad days to make the good ones come soon enough and enjoy the good ones to the fullest when they surround my life. The experiences I have gained here staying away form family are invaluable. I am confident of staying anywhere in the world now (though I would certainly prefer to go to my home first !!!).

The friends I have made here are worth a lifetime and the memories I have taken form here are worth cherishing for eternity .



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