Eight Start-Ups Blacklisted by IIT Kharagpur for Campus Placements

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has blacklisted eight start-up companies for campus placements. The decision has been taken by the IIT after the eight companies backed out of their job offers which they had given to the IIT students last year.

According to the chairman of placements at the IIT Debasis Deb, since the companies cancelled their job offers last year so they will not be allowed to visit the campus and recruit this year.

Last year when these start-up companies withdrew their job offers it adversely affected not only the students but also the public and market image of IIT Kharagpur that commands a brand in the market.

Moreover, IIT Kharagpur is not the only IIT that has decided to blacklist start-up companied for campus placements. Across the country all the IITs have this year blacklisted as many as 31 start-up companies for campus placements.

However, this does not mean that start-up companies are debarred at the IIT Kharagpur. This year also the IIT has allowed around 10 to 12 start-up companies to visit the IIT for campus placements.


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